A sample schedule

A few people have asked me what our daily schedule is like, so here’s an example:

Both kid are up by 6:30am on a normal basis.

We spend until about 7:30 getting everyone ready, dressed, fed, and watching some tv. PBSKids is a favorite.

Then we do our letter practice and math worksheets. We are working on addition and basic letter writing.

About 8 or so we leave for the gym where I work out and the kids go bonkers playing with all the other kids.

We come home, play outside or inside, do art, have lunch, read, and do our lesson for the day. Sometimes we get part of the lesson in before the gym and sometimes we break the lesson up for before and after lunch.

The afternoons are filled with play, errands I we need them, time at the park or in nature somewhere, visiting friends, or classes. At the moment we spend our late afternoons in the pool with swim lessons and play.

Our evenings have a review of our lesson, dinner, music time, and family fun time.

Then it is bed time for the youngest. When she’s asleep we play board games as a family or do family chores – or both.

Then bed time for the oldest. Then it’s time for the adults to relax and go to bed because before you know it 6am is here again and our day starts all over.

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