Dinosaurs – plant eater or meat eater?

Here’s another great dinosaur lesson. It takes less time than some of the other ones, but it is just as fun.

Animals can be classified by the food they eat. 

Carnivores: eat mostly meat.

Herbivores: eat mostly plants.

Omnivores: eat both plants and meat.

What kind of eaters are people? We are omnivores (sometimes carnivores in our house).

Then we placed our index cards with each word (carnivore, herbivore, omnivore) on the ground. I had cut out pictures of food, leaves, plants, and small animals (the coupon section of the newspaper is a great place to cut out pictures for this) and had Nicholas put each item on the correct card. Once again, so long as he knew what the item that he was placing was called and why he was placing it on the card, that was the important goal of this activity.

Then we pulled out our wooden blocks. We pulled out the sharp triangle blocks and called them the sharp teeth. We pulled out he cube blocks and called them the mashing teeth.

We went through the book of dinosaurs that we have. When we came to what they ate, I listed what they ate. Nicholas classified them as an herbivore, carnivore, or omnivore, and then grabbed the correct teeth for that type of an animal.

We also did some dinosaur mazes – not because the mazes teach about dinosaurs, but because mazes help teach reasoning, logic, and problem solving and keeping the dinosaur theme kept the lesson going.

We then got out our snack – one thing for each classification of animal eaters. We had lettuce leaves for our herbivore snack, beef jerky for the carnivore snack, and crackers for our omnivore snack (he couldn’t figure out which classification at breads, so we gave it to the omnivores since they eat everything).

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  1. When studying dino’s with my grade 1 and grade 2 kiddos, Herbi, Omni, Carn, and vore (vorare) were actually our launching words into latin/greek rootwords 😉 Now we study them faithfully. Love that you incorporated this into your meal as well, that is cute!

  2. oh and btw….can I just say that your famous quotes section is AWEEESOME! LOVE IT===LOVE JOHN HOLT especially!


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