Ice lessons


We love to play outside and today I also needed to clean out the ice machine in my freezer. So I took the I e outside and we played.

We learned:

1. Ice melts when you hold the hose onto it. This is because the water from the hose is warmer than the ice. We also learned that Abby likes to drink from the hose.

2. Friction creates heat which melts the ice and let’s you draw pictures with ice on the cement

3. The ice pictures evaporate when the sun dries up the water.

4. We covered evaporation, melting, and how water changes states. We learned about the 3 states of matter.

So we covered friction, heat, the three states of matter as exemplified by water/ice/evaporation, and how matter transforms.

It was fun and we got to play! Thank goodness for hot weather.


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