Presidents: Abraham Lincoln

Here’s our lesson on Abraham Lincoln. I was a bit nervous about doing this lesson because the slavery issue is a little too mature for a 4 year old. However, we overcame that and had a lot of fun.

The first thing we did was read a book about the life of Abraham Lincoln. We stopped and drew picture at important points. The timeline I used included the following points:

1. His childhood.

2. What he did as a young adult.

3. Things he studied.

4. His first job in politics.

5. Running for President.

6. What he did as President.

7. His death.

We drew pictures for each of these things and then made a timeline out of them and recited our abbreviated  version of his life. 

I chose to emphasize that Lincoln wanted to free the slaves and that it started a war. We read the Gettysburg Address and talked about what it meant. The language it was written in fascinated my son. I got to spend the rest of the day hearing, before every pronouncement, “Four score and some years ago I decided I wanted….” It’s not technically correct, but he got the right idea.

Then we made a pretzel, marshmallow, and banana log cabin. We used the pretzels to be the logs and the marshmallows and bananas to hold the whole thing together. Yes, we did eat it.

Finally, we spent time on the National Parks webpage looking at the Lincoln Monument – which we will be visiting soon.

It was a fun lesson. 

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