Water balloon fun.


The great thing about learning is that it comes in many forms.

Today’s lesson came outside. It has been great weather do we went outside and filled up water balloons.

The filling of the balloons is a great time to talk about tension of the balloon and how things stretch to a snapping point. Even better is when the inept parent – me – breaks several balloons to show the point. Eventually we filled a whole bucket. I figured 30 was enough for the afternoon (I was wrong. They lasted about 10 minutes).

We then talked about force and velocity. Velocity is how fast something travels. Force is the effort we put into throwing the balloon. We then practiced throwing them at various targets I had drawn on our fence. While we were throwing Made sure to point out when we made bigger splashes or louder sounds and how those throws differed.

Then we paused while I filled up more balloons.

Next came our fun. Who can stomp on the balloon? Have you tried stomping on a water balloon lately? The small ones filled with lots of water just wiggle and roll away if you are too gentle. So it took an application of force and a lot of hand-foot coordination, but we stomped a bunch.

Then we had fun throwing them at each others’ feet. It was a fun hour outside. Both my kids had a blast with water balloons. Less fun – according to them – was picking up all the broken balloons. But when you mess it up you clean it up.


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