Some odds and ends we haven’t covered.

I realized, in my theme lessons, that there are some glaring holes. First, we haven’t covered anything about the U.S. flag. Here we are, getting ready to go to D.C., ad we haven’t learned about the flag. Second, even though we’ve been learning about the oceans, we haven’t learned where the oceans are. There are other random bits and pieces of things we haven’t covered, and I felt the need to create a few 2 minute lessons to cover these things.

The Flag

First, we found the story behind the U.S. flag. I am starting to let Nicholas do the Google searches for specific things – so in this case I helped him type in “history of U.S. flag” and we went to the U.S. flag history site. We spent some time looking around the website. Then we found pictures online of the U.S. flag. Finally, we colored a picture of the American flag with the appropriate colors (although some of the stars did turn blue) and wrote the words “American flag” underneath it.

The Oceans has a great archive of monthly pages and in their June 2008 section, they had a map of the world that had the land masses outlined. I had Nicholas color the land green, the oceans blue, and then we labeled the oceans. Then, just because it would be fun, we put a star where we live (in California, on the Pacific Ocean) and a star where we are going (Washington D.C./Virginia Beach, on the Atlantic Ocean).

The order of the Presidents

We’ve learned about Lincoln, Jefferson, and Washington. We know that Washington was first. Then comes the question, “Mommy, who was after Washington?” Also, “Was Washington President until he died?” This got me thinking – we need to cover these two things. So we printed out a timeline of the Presidents. I took the “Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes” song and inserted the names of the Presidents. Unfortunately, my son really likes this song and so I’ve been hearing it non-stop for about 3 hours. We also pulled out my copy of the Constitution and spent some time reading the preamble and the different articles and amendments; we learned that Presidents can only serve for 2 terms of 4 years each. As he proudly announces after this, Nicholas knows that 4+4=8.

We also did more math practice today. We are up to regular addition with our 2’s (2+1, 2+2, 2+3, 2+4, and 2+5). I try not to move on too quickly with addition – I want to make sure he really get the addition problems before moving on. We also worked on writing the letter Q and words that end with “ell.”

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