Play helps develop imagination. Toys that can be used for multiple purposes help kids learn to be creative and use the toys for many purposes.

We have Play-Doh at our house. Lots and lots. We got a Costco set 2 years ago and are just now running through it all. So what better way to play today than with Play-Doh?

I’m not a great artist so I have cookie cutters included in my Play-Doh toys. Plastic knives and spoons, clay working tools, and rollers are all part of our Play-Doh toys.

We make all kinds of things. Today we started with pretending the blue table was the ocean and we made fish and plants and sharks. Then we made an airport with planes and flew them around. We made letters and dragons and castles (not that thy looked like it).

But most of all we had fun as a family hanging out and playing. For 3 hours. It was a fun after lunch activity. And it made me remember how much fun my kids are to be around.


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