Toddler Tuesday: nature walks

For our Tuesday lesson we worked on nature. Nature is fun. Most kids don’t spend enough time in nature to really like it. I’m not talking about your yard as nature, or saying backpacking with kids is nature. But just being outside in an area with plants and bug where they normally aren’t.

We are lucky enough to have a trail along the American River right by us. We don’t use it as much as we should.

But today we learned, at home, how to do rubbings of leaves. We picked leaves and then made rubbings of them. We practices this skill before heading out on our 2 mile hike.

I do not allow toys when we are in nature. Instead they can pick rocks and sticks and leaves. So at the beginning they each picked a favorite stick. We also picked favorite rocks – which Nicholas insists are igneous rocks because theres a volcano right across the river from us (not really, but he has an active imagination). We also stopped and picked awesome leaves up and made rubbings.

At the end of the walk we ate lung and went back home.

We then used our compare and contrast questions (how are these things the same/how are these things different) to examine our leaf rubbings from home and the river.

It was a fun Tuesday.


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