Toddler Tuesdays: Getting dressed

For today’s Toddler Tuesday we are working on getting dressed. As adults, we take this skill for granted. As parents we are scared of what others might think of us if our kids dress themselves.

But making the choice of clothes, putting them on, brushing hair and teeth, and doing laundry are all important skill to learn.

To make this fun for my older son, he got to practice articles of clothing in German and load the washer with the right amount if soap. He also tried to talk Abby – my 18 month old toddler – into different clothes. He was trying to practice his persuasion skills. Too bad Abby is stubborn like a rock.

We went to Abby’s room and played there for a while before having her get out of her pajamas. Because her attention span is so small, I make sure to break up the tasks and give her one direction at a time.

Then she was asked to pick her clothes. She chose her shirt and shorts. We then practices spelling the works shirt and shorts. We also said them in German. Then I let her get dressed. She had a tough time, but when she got stuck I put my hands over hers and helped. I never did it for her.

Then we brushed hair and teeth. I had her brush her own hair and had Nicholas show her how to brush teeth. That way, Nicholas has his skills reinforced by teaching.

Then we did laundry. All my kids can take their clothes to the washer. Then I turn it on after the soap is in.

Abby got a “I dressed myself” sticker. I make them out I address labels on the computer. This way, everyone knows and no one states at me strangely.

It was a fun morning and I even got chores done!

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