Here we are, making butterflies with stickers and paints.

Today’s lesson is about butterflies.

First we had to read The Very Hungry Caterpillar. We like that book so much that we did it twice. Then we made puppets.

We really like pipe cleaners. They are versatile, cheap, and can be reused sometimes. They are a great toy for the diaper bag. We did our puppets out of pipe cleaners. Our caterpillars were green and yellow ones twisted together. The butterflies were orange and black. The we used the puppets to act out The Very Hungry Caterpillar.

We took a break after that and went on a butterfly and caterpillar hunt. We took our magnifying glasses and walked around he neighborhood. It was a fun walk. We didn’t find anything.

After our walk we came home and practiced writing the words “caterpillar” and “schmetterling”. Schmetterling is butterfly in German.

Then we decorated some butterflies I cut out of construction paper. We used stickers and dot paints. The stickers were a little smaller than usual to force Abby to develop better motor skills. She has to work on motor skills when she peels the stickers off and puts them onto the paper.

The stickers were suns, rainbows, frogs, apples an the like. We reviewed the German words for each picture on the sticker. We also practice the English spelling for each word.

So that was our butterfly lesson for the day.



Nicholas is holding one of our pipe cleaner puppets from our puppet show.

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