Here’s our navigation map and the words we practiced writing today.

Today’s lesson was on navigation.

We wrote the word “navigation” three times. I love our wipe-off boards from Target’s $1 bin. They allow us to change media – from pencil and paper – and do a bunch of writing. We also wrote the word “map” four times.

When we were traveling, one of the nice Delta pilots gave us a plane navigation chart. We happened to be delayed for hours in ATL and so they were making the kids happy and handing out navigation charts.

So we pretended we were pilots. We took off from ATL and flew to the various destinations on the map. We used colored crayons to trace our paths. My youngest just colored the map while we pretended we were pilots.

Then we made paper airplanes and flew them around the house.

Lastly, we made a map of our house and used it to help us “navigate” around the house.

It was fun. The pilot thing was the best.

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