Independence day lesson

I probably should have posted this before July 4th, but we were really busy being outside, doing things with friends, and having a lot of fun. While I don’t like to take a vacation from learning during summer, we definitely cut back – friends are out of school and this might be the only time we can play whole days with them. The weather is great to spend time outside and enjoying everything. So we do cut back on lessons a little.

Here’s our Independence Day lesson:

I started by telling the story of the US as a colony: 

One time, a long time ago, England (and I showed him where England was on the map) colonized the US. England was in charge, and the people living here didn’t like it. Then we read the story of the Boston Tea Party. 

After the Tea Party, people wanted independence – they wanted to be their own governor. So there was the Revolutionary War. This war started with the Declaration of Independence (which we had to read 4 times because Nicholas liked it). Then the US won the war and because the USA.

It was a short, uncomplicated story – it’s important to keep to the basics so there is a framework the children can fill in as they get older. As it was, I still got a lot of questions about what a tax was, what a war is, why they had to fight and not talk, and how they got everywhere if there weren’t airplanes. These questions are important, and I answered all of them the best I can.

Then we colored American flags.

That was our whole lesson!

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