Library visits.


The library is a great and underutilized resource. It’s filled with things you don’t have to pay for – mostly books.

We go to the library once a week. Everyone in my house has their own library card- even my littlest. It is a place that is a deprive from the heat of the summer.

Our library has a kids’ section. There are also puzzles and coloring pages there. Sometimes we go and read a bunch and sometimes we go and do their puzzles. Every time the kids get to check out 2 books. I check out more.

It’s a change of pace from reading at home. Plus, there are books on whatever they want. We don’t have the same options at home that we have at the library.

As a bonus, most libraries have free classes and programs. During the Fall and Spring our library has story time. They also have Lego building parties and chess clubs.

Libraries are awesome. Use them as trips during the week.

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  1. Sophie Breazeale

     /  November 5, 2012

    home schooling may not be an ideal setup but it is great for kids too..

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