Toddler Tuesdays: Pairs, letters, and shoes.

Abby learned about pairs – we used her dress up shoes to count to two and focus on pairs.

Toddlers are independent. If you have one, you already know this. If you are going to have one, beware! They like to do things by themselves. This includes things they don’t know how to do yet – like getting dressed.

We are spending some time learning about pairs. Shoes come in pairs. Socks come in pairs. Feet come in pairs.

Today we played with our dress up shoes to learn about pairs. They were a gift from grandma, and there are 4 pairs – all with different colors and decorations. I laid them out in pairs and pointed out each set. After counting “one -two” with each set, I said “This is a pair of shoes.” Then I mixed them all up. I asked Abby to sort them into pairs.

She cocked her head at me and said, “One-two.” Then she grabbed a pair and tried to put them on. When she got frustrated she brought me the shoes and plopped down in my lap. I helped her and she got up and walked around. I let her play for about 5 minutes before removing them from her feet and asking her again to bring me a pair of her shoes. She went and got the same pair. We repeated this whole experience about 5 times.

For letter practice I am back to Starfall. I print out a letter (today was B, yesterday was A) and we color it. I help her hold the crayon to write the letter a few times. Then I just let her color the pages.

Happy Tuesday everyone!

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