Google’s new “World Wonders” tool.

Google has been hard at work helping homeschoolers – even if they don’t know it.

They recently came out with their World Wonders page from their Cultural Institute. It has a link to various World Wonders. It shows the wonder in 3-D on the screen and you can tour through it. Some of the Wonders can be toured in various ages (they used computer modeling).

Even better are their educational guides to the Wonders. Google split out the guides by various grades, but someone who is excited could take a guide and make it match their child and educational goals.

These are really great. Not all of us can travel to all of these places. Some of them are expensive, some are simply too much hassle to get to. Others have health issues that preclude us from going. But by using the new Google tools, everyone gets to experience the Wonders.

We looked at the Palace of Versailles.  The model showed how it looked throughout the ages, and links as to how it was built. My son was fascinated with the idea of building without construction trucks. He didn’t realize that it could be done to build big things. This allowed him to see that people can build too – and they can build big buildings.

We then built our own Palace of Versailles using sugar cubes. They weren’t quite as wondrous, but we had a lot of fun.

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