Sculpting from Styrofoam.

Feathers and colored pipe cleaners made great things to create with when using a Styrofoam base. They are colorful and yet sharp enough for kids to press into the foam on their own.

We often get packages from family. Many times these packages are filled with various Styrofoam pieces.

Now, normally the Styrofoam goes right into the recycling. But this time, we used it. We got a kitchen set delivered, and it was packed with a bunch of Styrofoam squares, cubes, rectangles, and other assorted pieces. I saved some of the thicker ones so we could do an art project later.

Here’s the great thing about using Styrofoam as a base for sculpting and art projects – no need for glue! Simply push everything into the Styrofoam and have fun.

I cut the foam into various sizes and shapes. Then I put the feathers and pipe cleaners out on the table and said “let’s go!” I demonstrated how to stick the feathers and pipe cleaners into the foam and then sat back and let the kids create.

It only took Abby (20 months) about 5 minutes to get tired of creating. But then she ran over to the kitchen and started playing there. Nicholas sat at the table for about an hour, creating all kinds of sculptures from the various materials. It was great to see him sit down and create something on his own – without my help or guidance at all. It was all his creativity that came out.

What was also neat was hearing the story behind each creation. I made sure to ask him to describe it to me, and he always gave me a great story. It was neat to watch him create the art and the story. He even gave his “best” one to his grandmother so she could have some of his art in her house.

It was a fun project that used things we already had around the house.

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