Finding material for lessons….cheaply.

The big problem with a lot of curriculum resources is the cost – they are expensive. So here’s a way to get some curriculum on the cheaper side:

1. Use the Internet. If you know what you want to study, and you have the time, stroll around the Internet and collect your own activities and readings.

2. Thrift stores are awesome. I went to a thrift store recently and picked up all the science books I needed for the year. They were 90% the cost they would have been at the publisher’s store or a homeschool store. Sometimes you have to get 3 or 4 books to cover the same material you might find in one textbook, but the savings are worth it.

3. Recycle with neighbors. Lots of people homeschool now. Try swapping materials with neighbors or going to a homeschool garage sale where people are selling their stuff from last year.

Whatever way you choose, try the alternatives before shelling out a lot of money for the brand-new stuff.

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