Team sports.

I love team sports.

As a homeschooling mom, I always hear questions about socialization. When my child goes and plays team sports, I feel like I’m doing my part to remove that annoying question from my life. It’s not that my son doesn’t get socialization – he does – but it seems that people always want to “see” him socialize. So we do team sports.

It’s soccer season. So soccer is what we play. It is nice. We meet other kids and other moms. The other moms bring their littler ones to practice and my youngest gets to play with them. We all get to laugh over our kids’ inability to actually play the game. We cringe when we think about the coming season and the kids actually having to play soccer. Because practice gives us lots of laughs, we realize that the games won’t be too competitive if our kids are constantly laughing with each other and chasing each other around.

But team sports do more – they force my son to cooperate. Play dates are great, but you can only have so many children over before they drive you bonkers. Plus, play dates are “so for babies,” as I have been told. Instead, he wants to go do things with his friends. So team sports are great.

Soccer also forces my son to run around. It’s fabulous. He gets tired and everything and enjoys it. He doesn’t realize he’s learning an important lesson – that team work tires you out – but he is 🙂 We love soccer. I can’t wait for the games to start so that he learns about winning and losing too. Sometimes, these lessons are simply best taught be others – like his soccer coach.

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