School checklist.

Here’s the checklist I made for our school work. It’s Nicholas’ job to check things off as we go.

I have had some questions about how I keep track of what we are doing, and when we are doing it. Here’s my answer: file folders and a checklist.

I printed the checklist at home and laminated it. It is Nicholas’ job to check things off when we finish them. When we finish everything, he gets a treat 🙂 I also have all my handouts/paper stuff in a file folder. There is one for each day of the week. If we forget to do a day, we simply move everything around in the folders and start where we left off. Sometimes this means we are doing lessons on Saturday, but that is okay. I also let him do more of certain types of things (puzzles and mazes come to mind) than I put in the file folders. But he has to finish what is in the file folders.

Then I also have a lesson planning book. In the lesson book – which is broken down by week – I put notations of books we will read, stories, websites, and things that cannot be put into the file folder. On Saturday night I review what we finished and didn’t finish and rework the plan for the next week.

I hope that helps everyone!

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