Biplanes, propellers, jets, and other famous planes.

Today’s lesson was a bit of a hodgepodge lesson. I wanted to cover propellers vs. jet engines, and also bi-planes. Why bi-planes? Because they are a unique form of propeller plane with 2 wings. They hold a fun place in history. Ever heard of the Red Baron? He flew a bi-plane. So we are including that.

First, I printed a maze of a bi-plane. Then 2 coloring pages of bi-planes (one for Nicholas and one for Abby). That takes care of the fun activities for the lessons.

Next, I had to make our word sheets. I have found that getting Nicholas to practice his letters is a lot easier if he’s writing words that relate to our lesson, rather than simply practicing each letter. I take a piece of writing paper (the kind with the lines for beginners – I found them on sale at Target for $0.05). I chose: airplane, bi-plane, propeller, jet, and engine. Those were our five words. I write them once on the left side, and he writes them twice. I also write them twice on a sheet for Abby. She colors the paper while we practice writing letters. It is nice to include her, and this is an easy way to do so.

Then onto our major activity.

Since these lesson are gear towards Nicholas going to the air show at Mather (California Capital Airshow), I looked up the planes attending the airshow. I printed pictures of those planes, along with others – including bi-planes. Then we cut them all out – together. I made him use scissors because it makes him work on his motor skills and hand-eye coordination. Then we took a big piece of poster board and glues them on there in two groups – propellers and jet engines. He had no trouble with that. Then I had him stick stickers on each of the bi-planes that said “bi-plane.” He did that fine too.

Lastly, we opened up Google and found videos of various planes flying. He had a good time yelling at the planes on the screen to “move those propellers faster,” and “make those jet engines roar.” I have no idea where he got those comments, but he was making them. It was interesting to see him name the parts of the plane that we talked about yesterday. When we saw planes taking off I made sure to point out the way the flaps and wings were moving, and same with landing. It helped to focus his aviation-related vocabulary on planes.

That was our lesson for the day!!

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