Teaching the Constitution.

Caveat: I don’t believe in recreating the wheel. Creating lessons is hard work, and there are a lot of great lessons already out there on certain topics. For the Constitution, there are lots of places that have created lessons plans ideal to your age group. I’m using them, and inserting linking below.

Constitution Day is 9/17. Since I am teaching a K-6 Civics class, and the Constitution is important, I decided to celebrate the Constitution on the class closest to Constitution Day. Here’s the lesson:

First: We practice writing the word Constitution. It’s a long word, a great word, because it has all the curves and lines in it. For the little kids, they are practicing writing. For the older children, they are learning vocabulary. Then I cut up the letters to “constitution” and have them paste them on a sheet of paper in the correct order.

Next I use this lesson by Civiced on authority. It has some great pictures at the end of the lesson that I post on the board so the students can follow along with the story. This helps both the visual and auditory learners in my class. We go through the whole story and answer all the questions. Then it is time to get up and do something.

Constitution Rap:  I had the kids take the words to this rap and perform it. We practiced the words, and they got to get up and dance and perform the rap. It was a fun thing to do, and gave them something to get up and do in the middle of the lesson.

Lastly, I had them create their own Constitution. All kids know what rules they have to live with, and they know what they can and cannot do. Sometimes the rules included are as simple as “I have to eat my vegetables,” or “No hitting.” For kids who prefer art to writing, they can illustrate their rules. They all got a blank sheet of paper, some crayons, and away they went. Then they shared their Constitutions with the class.

And another successful K-6 Civics class has finished.

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