Toddler Tuesdays: Rocks.

Today’s Toddler Tuesday is a lesson on rocks. I try to keep my toddler lessons about the same material as my older kid. Then I only have one set of prep work to do.

Our lesson involved 3 things: arts and crafts, reading, and nature.

We first spent time reading the rock book. I read for 20 minutes. She stayed curled next to me for 10 minutes and played with dolls the second 10 minutes.

The we traced the work rock. I wrote it on a sheet of yellow paper and helped her trace it with a purple crayon. We said each letter as we traced it and then said Rick after we traced the while thing.

I printed out pictures of rocks and we glues them onto the paper after we were done tracing. Then she got to color the pictures. She likes to color.

Our backyard provided the setting for the next activity: a rock hunt. We hunted for rocks in our yard- and there were plenty. Once we collected them, and my older son also hunted, we arranged them from biggest to smallest and painted them.

It was a lot of fun and we had a blast.

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