CA Academy of Sciences.

I loved Homeschool Day at the CA Academy of Science. It was a lot of fun.

FIrst, we didn’t have to pay a lot – we got the group rate ($7.95/ticket). So even though I knew we weren’t spending the whole day, I knew it was going to be worth it. I didn’t mind spending the money for something that I know will be good.

Second, their website has a bunch of activities that you can do before you visit, during your visit, and after your visit. The teacher’s section of their website is enormous and has a bunch of great lesson plans. I went through and found a few “before your visit” activities and spread them out over the past few days so that Nicholas would have a basic grounding in what we were seeing.

Third, they have jellyfish. Who knew jellyfish would be the hit of the day?

Fourth, they have a kids play area. It is in the back and gated off by an employee (they only allow a certain amount of children there at a time). It is a great play area with things to play on and with. There is a puppet theater that the kids can put on a play in.

There were a bunch of things we didn’t get to see: The dinosaur movie, the planetarium (the kids are too young), the naturist lab, and much more. We spent a lot of time with the rocks, the fish, the earthquake simulations, and the pendulum. This is why we became members – so we can go back again and again.

To read more about our day, click on the link to our family blog here.

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