Ancient Egypt: Orientation to the subject.

I have found it best, for us, if we start a subject with an orientation to the subject. In this case, we are starting our Ancient Egypt lesson.

First, we colored a map of Ancient Egypt. While the kids were coloring, I was reading a timeline of events in Ancient Egypt. I found a timeline here.  We occasionally stopped while I was reading to discuss various topics. I was asked, “What is a Pharaoh?” I replied, “It was what the Ancient Egyptians called their king or queen.” When I was asked what the pyramids were, and if they looked like real pyramids, we went and watched this video from National Geographic.

After we finished coloring, I pulled out my pencil and drew three lines across the map, separating Ancient Egypt into the Upper, Lower, and Middle Kingdoms. I had Nicholas erase the lines, and told him that the three kingdoms became just two – Upper and Lower Egypt. I then made him draw the lines.

Next, I told him that Ancient Egypt has its own writing and alphabet – called hieroglyphics. I had printed out the hieroglyphic alphabet from a website and showed it to him. Then we practiced writing our names in hieroglyphics. We also practiced writing our favorite words in hieroglyphics – I chose cat, Nicholas chose truck, and Abby chose Minnie (surprise!). Mainly the kids pointed to the picture and I drew. But I did make them try to draw their names as well. It was a lot of fun.

For our reading time I opened up our Usbone Ancient Egypt book. Have I told you how much I like the Usborne books? They do things in a timeline manner, so I’m not jumping around from subject to subject while reading. They also have great pictures, and there are direct explanations for the pictures. In addition, they have great web links in their books to help out on the subjects. Nicholas is a little young for a lot of the web links, but it is fun for me to scroll around them. I got to read 6 pages before the kids tuned out too much to continue reading.

Our practice words – for our English writing – were: ancient, Egypt, hieroglyphics, picture, and kingdom.

Anyways, that was our super easy Ancient Egypt orientation lesson. Tune back in tomorrow for more lessons on Ancient Egypt. Up next – Rosetta Stone and pyramids.

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