Our cooking day.

Today was an off day for us.  It felt strange, and we totally failed at doing everything on my list. Why? Who knows. I figure everyone has to have one of those days sometime right?

Making cake pops as our family activity. It worked on everyone’s patience and cooking skills.

So what did we do? We did our physical activity – we went to the indoor playground near us, gardened, and took a walk. We did our math practice – although I did feel like hitting my head against the wall repeatedly. We practiced writing words – I used our Kumon book because I didn’t feel like struggling through with a full lesson. We did our music practice (scales only), worked on our German vocabulary, and spent time reading.

What didn’t we do: our lesson. I had a great lesson all planned out on Ancient Egypt and daily life. I had all the handouts ready to go, the coloring pages….everything was ready. But then my children didn’t cooperate. It was one thing after another after another until at about 7:30 am I decided our lesson wasn’t going to happen.

I figured we might need a family activity instead – so we baked. We made cake pops. Cake pops seem to be all the rage right now. Having done them I’m not sure I understand. It is a little bite of cake with some frosting mixed in and candy coated with sprinkles. I prefer a big slice of cake with lots of frosting and no sprinkles thanks. The frosting is really the important part. But I thought the kids would hav fun.

Too bad there are a gazillion steps to making cake pops: You make the cake and let it cool, mix in the frosting with cake crumbs, make balls, stick in the sticks – after candy coating them a little first, let everything harden, dip in the candy coating and sprinkle and let them harden, then let them get to room temperature so they aren’t too hard when you bite in. It taught everyone a little bit about patience and how good things come if we wait.  The waiting was, at times, less than pleasant as my 23 month old daughter sat in front of the frige yelling “cake pop” and throwing a fit while they were hardening. But we all survived and had a great treat.

The recipe only called for 3 eggs, but we ended up using 5 because I let Nicholas crack them and 2 of them went all over. The kids had great fun cleaning that up. The dishes got done and dries, the kids go their sugar high, and I spend 3 hours of my day baking with the kids.

It was a lot of fun for an activity, just not what I had planned.

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