Toddler Tuesdays: Shapes and Middle C.

Our “Middle C” worksheet. I helped Abby draw a Middle C and then she had to circle the other Middle C’s. It didn’t turn out perfect, but she got to see what Middle C looks like.

Today’s Toddler Tuesday lesson is on Middle C (yes, music) and shapes/colors/coloring.

First, the Middle C. I work with my daughter on music theory and music reading. She’s only 23 months old, es, but she absorbs so much. She’s not totally verbal yet, so I am never sure of how much she’s understand. We sat down with my improvised Middle C worksheet and I showed her what Middle C looked like. Then we drew a Middle C. Then I asked her to point to a Middle C. She managed to point to the correct note.

Lastly, I asked her to draw a circle around Middle C – and Middle C she wanted. I didn’t get a circle, but I did get Middle C completely covered in purple lines. She drew all over the Middle C notes. She then switched out colors to pink and drew over everything else.

Will she retain this knowledge as she gets older? I hope so. It’s my hope that by exposing her to music, and music theory, early and repeatedly, that she retains some of it when she gets older.

We also worked on our shapes and colors today.

My big problem with Abby is how to get her to do what I want, when I want it. She will happily grab you the yellow pants and purple shirt when she wants to wear it. She will tell you she wants the green, not blue, paint. And she knows that the sun is yellow and the car is gold – just try calling the car tan and she will stomp her foot and yell “gold.”

But how to I make sure she knows her colors?

I asked her to go get 2 different colored crayons from the art table and come color with me. When she brought them I asked which colors she has and she said, “Lila,” pointing to the purple one (lila is purple in German), and “Blue,” pointing to the blue one.

The next question was “Can you find a circle?” So she pointed to a circle. Then we counted the circles – we counted once in English and once in German. I then asked her to color the circles blue. She decided this wasn’t what she wanted to do and kept point at the triangles and trying to count them.

So I changed tactics; we counted out the triangles. Then she pointed at a triangle and said, “That blue.” And proceeded to color the triangles blue. When she was done with coloring the triangles she wanted she said, “All done mommy.” Then she smiled and ran away.

What was the result: The picture you see on your left.

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