Ancient Egypt 5: Mummies and other burial customs.

One of the coolest parts of Ancient Egypt is their burial customs. There are mummies, masks, and grand tombs. This lesson focuses on mummies and other burial customs.

First we got to look at some pictures of mummies. We Googled “pictures of mummies” and just viewed some of them. We got a little side tracked into why we don’t make mummies, here, anymore. But we had fun looking.

Then, as a change of pace, we went to this website and read the book on burial customs. This is a great book put out by the Chicago public schools and it is some what interactive. There are links to the different words to help give descriptions of larger and less common words. There are also various games at the end of each chapter/page that are linked to the subjects studied. It took us about an hour to get through the book and various activities.

We also played this mummy making game.

I discovered that Nicholas will happily sit and play on the computer for long amounts of time. I was a little amazed because they weren’t his usual games – he tends to like Disney games and PBS games. But he sat at the computer and played games about Ancient Egypt. The games did a lot of my teaching for me this lesson.

Then we read this story.  It was important, during the story, that Nicholas help me read it. He’s not a big fan of reading on his own – he likes to be read to. So instead, I read to him and then pause at various words that he knows and say, “I don’t know what this word is, can you help me?” Then he helps me with the words. So I picked this story to read as our “working” story this week. We did the worksheet afterwards that goes with the story.

Lastly, we designed our own death masks. I had 2 different coloring pages for this lesson. One was the death mask of an actual Pharaoh. The other was a blank death mask that they got to color for themselves. I had Abby and Nicholas do the actual death mask while I read the story of Osiris and Iris.

We didn’t do any writing words with this lesson because we practiced writing when we did the worksheet that went with the story.

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Other resources that are fun, but we didn’t actually use:

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