Ancient Egypt: Gods and Goddesses.

When we began this lesson, we started with acknowledging what we believe as a family. We believe in one God and in Jesus. It was important  for me to review this with Nicholas before we started learning about other gods and goddesses.

Onto Ancient Egypt gods and goddesses.

We started with reading the myth of Ancient Egypt creation here.  We then re-read the myth and drew our own illustrations for the myth. I made sure that we drew the gods and goddesses at each stage when they were mentioned.

Before our lesson I had printed out the images of the gods and goddesses from this website. I made a cheat sheet for myself with the god/goddess’ name, description, and what they were in charge of. During our lesson I threw the pictures on the ground (think 52 card pick-up). Then I would start down my cheat sheet. For instance: Bastet (goddess of cats, her head is shaped like a cat….). As I was reading Nicholas was responsible for picking up the right image for each god/goddess. I collected them.

After we did this, we pasted the gods and goddesses on a big piece of butcher paper. Then I had Nicholas take a marker and write the name of each one underneath. Sometimes he needed reminding on which one was which.  I did help him spell the names correctly.

Lastly, we sat down at the art table with blank pieces of paper. I read the myth of Re to them. As I was reading, the kids were responsible for making a drawing to illustrate the myth. Then they had to explain their drawing to me. We also did this with the myth of Isis and Osiris.

There were not any special words to practice for this lesson because he practiced writing with the names of the gods and goddesses. But we still did math and some engineering. His new favorite thing to do for engineering lessons is figure out how many ways he can build a pyramid out of various substances. Today we used Cheerios, marshmallows, and carrot sticks. It was sand and rocks yesterday; legos and blocks the day before.

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