Chalk and pumpkin painting.


Here’s a great idea – paint your pumpkins instead of carving them. This won’t work for people who like carving pumpkins and pumpkin seeds, but for the rest of us this is much better.

There is a lot less mess – especially I you cover everything in newspaper first. It also allows the kids to do their whole pumpkin by themselves. My two are very independent. They don’t do well when I have to participate in their activities. So painting the pumpkins is a much better idea than carving.

It was quite the clean up. My kids decided painting themselves was as goo as painting the pumpkins.

We also found a use for all our odds and ends of chalk – chalk painting! I soaked the odds and ends in muffin tins full of water and then mashed them up until they we’re dissolved. Them we went out to the front driveway and painted. The colors were nice and it was a change of pace. Even better- it’s supposed to rain tomorrow and my driveway will clean itself. I like art activities with little clean up.

These are just two fun art ideas to do for quick activities.



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