Toddler Tuesday: Colors, pumpkins, in and out.


Today’s Toddler Tuesday lessons is a hodgepodge. I put it together based on some fun stuff that Abby likes.

Colors and pumpkins:

The first part of the lesson was on colors and pumpkins. I split our markers into sets of two (orange/green and blue/red). I handed her one set and asked her to color the little pumpkin on the page orange and the big one green. Then I gave her the markets and let her go. She started off following directions and then just colored.

I did the exercise again with the other set of markers. Once again, we started to follow directions. Then she decided that I was stifling her creative skills and she just colored.

We did both sets of colors one more time, but the directions were given in German this time. Since we are trying to raise kids bilingually, I take all the opportunities to do stuff in English and German.

In and out:

We like lessons based on opposites. In and out are great. We made a blanket fort and practiced in and outbid the fort. We practiced in and out of the stuffed animal pile.

The I handed her – and Nicholas – a bowl of pudding and we put the spoon in the bowl and took it out. Then we put the spoon in our mouths and took it out.

Our reward for a good lesson was a pudding treat!

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