Story board.

Puzzling out what pictures to use to make their own story is part of the fun.

Every once in a while Zulily has some educational toys/games/workbooks etc. on their site for sale. I love Zulily because things come at a great discount. Sometimes they just have clothes and random toys, but usually, in any given week, there are some manipulatives and other educational toys on sale there. If you aren’t a member yet, click this link to join Zulily.

This is a storyboard set that I got from Zulily. It has a bunch of pictures and words. There are also punctuation marks, “s” letters, and various other gramatical devices. The top part of the board is a felt like substance that the velcro on the back of the pictures can stick to. The bottom part of the board is plastic pockets to slip words into.

We play this game a few ways right now.

First: The kids get to pick out random pictures and have to make a story out of them, using all of them. Second, I pick out the words and they have to find the pictures and match the pictures to the words. In either way, they can make the stories be whatever they want. The things that get made up are very silly sometimes (the pigs eat the watermelon which falls out of the barn and lands on the hay). But since they are putting the words together in sentences, that is what I want. Plus, it allows them to explore their imaginations and make up stories.

Lastly, and this is something we are just doing with Nicholas right now, he has to pick words and make sentences on his own. He is slowly learning how to make his own sentences and the differences between a question mark and a period. It is a good exercise for him to learn how to link words into sentences. What is even better – this is forcing him to read all the words in the set to make the right sentences. Since he’s getting to develop his own story on the board, he works very hard at reading all the words – harder than he works when we are just reading books. So he’s getting a lot of reading time in with this.

Abby just likes to pull out all the pictures and name the items. Sometimes she even runs around in circles with the various animals making the right animal sound. She also likes to make animals go into the barn and over the tree. She makes her own, very small, stories.

Lastly, we can even do this in German. We practice very basic German grammar (the cow is on the tree/the man is in the barn) with this story board. It was made to be an English teaching item, but we are good at adapting and growing our tools to be very versatile.


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