Ancient Egypt: Review and timeline.

Sorry this took so long to get onto the website – we’ve been a little busy!

As a review and closure for our Ancient Egypt lesson we did a timeline. I gathered a list of all the dates of things that we have studied and put them all together. Then I had Nicholas cut them all apart and we glued them on a long piece of butcher paper in the correct order. 

Once the dates/events were glued down we started back at the beginning and reviewed. As we reviewed what occurred on the various dates, Nicholas drew a picture that was representative of the event. We had many, many pictures of the Nile and some grass – since he knows the Nile is in Egypt. We also had some great pictures of pyramids.

When he forgot what a date was about, we went back and reread the section in our book on that particular event. While I was reading, he was drawing.

So ended our Ancient Egypt learning.

Here are the dates we used:


3100 BC – Upper and Lower Egypt United by King Menes

3100 BC – Hieroglyphics developed

3000 BC – Bronze Age begins

2700 BC – First stone pyramids build – step pyramids

2700 – BC – Writing on papyrus

2590 BC – Great Pyramid of Khufu built

2515 – Sphinx is built

2000 BC – Wheeled vehicles and horses are used

1552 – 1069 BC – Tombs in the Valley of the Kings

1490 – 1436 – Reign of Tuthmosis III in Egpyt – greatest of the warrior pharaohs

1347 – 1337 BC – Reign of Tutankhamun

332 BC – Alexander the Great took control in Egypt

323 BC – Ptolemy took over Egypt; creates library at Alexandria

196 – Rosetta Stone carved

51 BC – Last Queen  – Cleopatra

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