Using food to celebrate.

As humans we use food to celebrate. As families we have traditional food. Part of learning about your culture, for a child, is learning about the food.

With Thanksgiving drawing closer and closer, I decided to have Nicholas think about food as part of his life. We sat down with a piece of paper and wrote down different holidays. I spelled them for him, but he was responsible for writing the word for each holiday out. Then we went through each holiday he wrote, and I asked the question: What food do we use to celebrate this holiday.

Sometimes the responses were very predictable: We use cake to celebrate birthdays and watermelon to celebrate summer and marshmallows when we are camping. Other times he surprised me: We use Costco ice cream to celebrate soccer games, pizza to celebrate football games, and candy to celebrate Halloween. After he gave all his answers, he had to draw a picture of each food next to (in some cases, over) the word he wrote for the holiday.

Then I told him that Thanksgiving was coming up and we sometimes celebrate Thanksgiving with turkey and ham (which he already knew) and pie. He got very excited when I mentioned pie.

Then I handed him this worksheet.  The worksheet is a free download that I put up on Teachers Pay Teachers. You have to sign up for an account, but the download is free.

The worksheet asks him to list the ingredients for a food. In this case, we were going to use pie. So I took out all the ingredients to make apple pie and I laid them down on the counter. Then he got to draw them all in the top box. Then we actually made an apple pie.

When he got to the next box on the worksheet entitled “To make,” he had to draw a picture of what the ingredients make. Lastly, he had to write the word “Thanksgiving” in the final box because we make apple pie to celebrate Thanksgiving.

He completed the worksheet just fine and we go to have apple pie as a treat.

When we were done with the pie he said, “Now we need to practice celebrating the day after Thanksgiving with some strawberry ice cream. I need to fill out another worksheet.” I could only laugh.

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