Christmas season here we come!

We made wreaths for the fromt hall as part of our art time. Who knew a 4 year old could be taught to use a law-heat glue gun?

Christmas is one of my favorite times of year. It is only topped by any occasion on which I have a babysitter and my husband and I get to go out. Even those occasions don’t last for a month, so Christmas is really a nice season for us.

We are working harder now than we were in October. The routine has gotten easier and as the kids have gotten more used to the routine, the routine has gotten even easier. They know that sometimes we break routine – like when we go visit grandma – but normally they know they have to finish their school work before anything else happens. We have two sets of work: Practice work and lessons. Our practice work is the hands on practice of math worksheets and writing. That work is done before we go anywhere. We finish that work by 8a. The lesson gets worked into the day somewhere – that is my responsibility.

We have a few things we always enjoy more at Christmas. Art is always more fun when it gets displayed – and I display all my kids’ Christmas craft projects. I consider it an investment in disposable decorations. They make it, we display it, we dump it and make new stuff next year. Some exception are there – like the wreaths Nicholas made this year. But mostly we create, dump, and make new again next year. It saves on storage space.

The lessons this month won’t be all Christmas all the time  – that’s not fun for us. We like a variety of lessons. But the art time and cooking time – those are Christmas oriented.

We made candies today. Candy has a lot of science in it. I love this website that explains all the science behind candy making.  We did the caramel lesson today. It turned out okay – better than my caramels normally turn out. I can’t wait to work our way through the rest of the recipes. Tomorrow is marshmallows!!

Do we still do our normal stuff? Yep. Math and writing are done everyday. To save myself a bit of a hassle I got a writing workbook and a math workbook. We are just working our way through them this month so that I can focus more on our fun things and planning – this month can get so hectic.

Happy start of the Christmas season!

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