Drawing lessons.

We have been practicing drawing as part of our art lessons. Christmas trees have been the big piece during the Christmas season. But I also found this wonderful set of FREE drawing lessons for kids.

It is called “Drawing 1A for Younger Children.”  It is a series of blocks that starts with various art forms to draw. They are not clearly defined shapes, but they resemble shapes and patterns kids might need to draw in the future. We do the first block and then we play a guessing game about what we just drew. I make sure to ask Nicholas the following questions:

1. Can you tell me what you drew?

2. What do you think (whatever he tells you he drew) is doing in the picture?

3. How do is (whatever is in the picture) spelled?

4. Do we know any words that rhyme with (whatever is in the picture)?

I also include Abby in the lesson. She really likes art. While her drawings aren’t defined yet, the interaction and the doing is the fun part. She sits, quite well, and waits for her turn to answer the questions. Of course, every drawing for her is Minnie Mouse or Daisy Duck.

I also do the drawings. It is fun for me to do the same work as the kids occasionally. Plus, Nicholas really likes being able to critique my work and tell me where the circles should have gone. It is a good opportunity for him to practice comparing and contrasting (my drawings to the drawing that it is supposed to be). Also, it changes up things during our lessons. I’m really enjoying doing these art lessons.


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