Toddler Tuesdays: Sorting and relative size.

Sorting rocks by shape and color teaches kids colors and relative size.

Sorting rocks by shape and color teaches kids colors and relative size.

As you know, Tuesdays I focus the lesson on Abby. I tend to make Nicholas, my older one, help me with the lesson. I give directions and then he repeats them. I ask her to do a task, and when she does it wrong he helps her fix it – talking to her the whole way. Nicholas is quite the natural teacher when it comes to his younger sister.

Abby wanted to play with her rocks. Nothing but her colored rocks would do. So I created a random lesson on the spur of the moment to make sure she could play with her rocks.

First we sorted the rocks by color. She has pink, purple, blue, clear, green, and some turquoise rocks. She used one of their muffin tins from the play kitchen and sorted them by color. I had to ask her, quite a bit, if she was sure those colors matched. But she eventually did it.

Then we counted the rocks in the whole muffin tin. I had her sort them into groups of two and we counted to two – over and over. In German because we only do counting in German these days.

We repeated the color exercise but in German. At this point Nicholas was really helping. He has no problem speaking in German when it comes to his colors. He even knows the word for rock (der Fels/die Felsen).

Lastly, we lined up the rocks on the floor from smallest to largest. This took a lot of coaching. I had to take the rocks away and put one down. Then I asked her if the next one was larger or smaller – and made her put it in the right spot. The next rock went through the same comparison activity. She really got into it by the end of the whole exercise. Then we redid it again – in German (how did you guess?). Nicholas loves to say “big” or “bigger one” in German (gross/grossen).

So that was our Tuesday fun.

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