Toddler Tuesday: Ornaments and the letter A

These are what the Target ornaments looked like. Ours were a little smaller, but more fun to make.

These are what the Target ornaments looked like. Ours were a little smaller, but more fun to make.

I’m always looking for fun and different art projects to do with my kids. I decided that today’s lesson would be introducing Abby to scissors. Halfway through, I did consider that I might have lost my mind. But at the time I was planning it seemed like a good idea.

In order to make these ornaments you need tinsel or ribbon of some sort and empty plastic ornaments. I had the empty plastic ornaments form Oriental Trading company. They are durable and split in half.  So I pulled the ornaments out and we started on our project.

Abby and Nicholas had to cut off pieces of tinsel that they wanted in each ornament. Then they put the tinsel in the ornament and I helped them close it. They were responsible for getting the hook through the top and putting it on the tree. I did have to help Abby with the hook, but Nicholas did all his on his own.

This art project served a few purposed. First, it introduced scissors to Abby. She hasn’t really used them before, so this was her way to see that they cut. Second, it involved making choices of how much and what color tinsel went into the ornaments. We named colors and estimated lengths as we went through the project.

To make it more fun for Nicholas he measured each piece of tinsel he cut. This is one of the adaptations I made to the project so he gets a better sense of how long a foot is.

It was a great project for us. Our tree is bigger this year and the bottom lacks decorations because only breakable ornaments can go on the bottom. This way my tree got more decorations and the kids got to make something for the tree. It was a lot of fun to watch them finish an ornament and run into the room with the tree to put them on.

In addition to the art project we are starting to really work on our letters. I printed off the Starfall letter A sheet. We colored the letter A and named all the words we could think of that started with A.

Just as a side note – I do spend over 45 minutes a day reading with my kids outside of lessons. Reading is one of the best things parents can do to help their children with school and learning. Whether you are reading a book for fun or a book for learning, reading together should be a fun and pleasurable experience. We read together all the time. It is one of our favorite activities. I can’t wait to see it pay off for both of my children.



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