Arts and crafts day.


Today was arts and crafts day. We had a wonderful friend over, so we spent the day doing arts and crafts.

One of the benefits of arts and crafts is that kids practice their motor skills. Placing beads on a string, drawing, cutting, and stickers all help kids practice fine motor skills and hand/eye coordination. When kids draw and use materials to make pictures, their creativity grows.

We did 3 projects today: Beaded candy canes, Pom Pom ornaments, and sticker trees.

Candy cane ornaments

We used pipe cleaners and pony beads. I put one bead on, then folded the pipe cleaner end over (about an inch). Then I covered the doubled over pipe cleaner with beads. Then the kids went to work putting beads on the rest. They chose and threaded their own beads. My two year old helped me put her beads on, but she chose each bead. Then we folded the top inch over and threaded it back through the beads. The kids made them into candy came shapes.

Pom Pom

Our Pom Pom ornaments involved putting glue onto pre cut foam shapes. The kids had a blast putting the Pom poems in glue and then into the foam.

Sticker trees

I had a ton of leftover stickers from last year. So I pulled them all out. The kids put them all over their trees.

This was great fun to do and watch. As an added bonus, I have a bunch of new Christmas decorations in my house.

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