For the new year.

Happy holiday – all of them – to everyone. I’m certainly happy they came, and I am also happy they are gone. Holidays are a wonderful break in routine, but they are still a break and that can make things difficult for us in the Wunderlich house.

I don’t make New Year’s resolutions – but I do like to plan. I’m planning out all kinds of things to do this year. I’m working on making my own worksheets (for now) because it is fun and I can gear the activity directly to what I like. I post them all for free on I include links to the various lesson units when I have made them. Here’s the link to my store:

My plan for this year is simple – to keep moving forward. It is harder to do than you think it might be. Learning is all about moving forward, and it can be hard to do. Making plans and having them fall through stinks – but it happens. So does the need to change things. Some days we simply don’t work well together (me and the kids) so doing work and moving forward can be difficult. Other days it is extraordinarily easy.

So I have planned Fridays as our new catch up day. It is the day that one of two things will happen – we catch up on the work we missed throughout the week for whatever reason or we will do a lesson that the kids pick out. I have no problem letting them pick the book for the lesson and throwing a few worksheet pages into the lesson. I have a list (in my head) or standard activities we can do with any book, and so lessons can become easy.

I’m going to work harder on my blog too. Posting everyday means that I have done a lesson everyday. This is my own little check. While I hope it benefits others, it is really to benefit myself. Although I do work off requests. I have made more than one lesson plan based on a request from someone.

I hope you all had a happy holidays as well.

Merry Christmas!

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