Tongue twisters: Moses supposes his toeses are roses.

Moses supposes his toeses are roses!

Moses supposes his toeses are roses!

Today’s lesson was on tongue twisters. My kids memorize things very fast when they repeat them. I decided we would work on tongue twisters because they have great literacy concepts in them. We not only can work on learning fun things to say (because who doesn’t like to sell sea shells by the sea shore), but they also learn rhyme, alliteration, meter, pace, and annunciation.

Our first lesson is: Moses supposes his toeses are roses. Here’s the link to the worksheets we used.

Once again, the worksheets are free. I would love it if you leave feedback on the worksheets, but they are free to download. I haven’t found a good file sharing program that lets me upload things to the blog to share, so for now we use the website. It is free to join, and there are tons of great ideas on the website for all kinds of lessons.

My kids had no problem reciting the tongue twister. After I read it the first time, we had to read it again and again. It was a lot of fun to watch them learn the tongue twister. We had Abby riding her new pony in the house and trying to say it. Nicholas preferred to jump from tile to tile while reciting it. Then we settled down and did the work sheet.

I handed them red markers and said we needed to circle all the “t” sounds. We used a blue marker for the “r” sounds and a green markers for the “m” sounds. We then had to find rhyming words. Nicholas looked at his piece of paper with the tongue twister printed on it and said, “Nothing looks the same at the end.” So we recited it again, and put circles around words that ended with the same sounds. It was easier for him to do while looking at the paper and saying the words.

My kids made some interesting illustrations to go with the tongue twister. Mostly because they don’t draw very well right now. But they tried. I like to write the stories they tell me about their drawings on the back, and then keep them. But for this project, I’m starting a binder with their drawings. I put the tongue twister and drawing back to back into a sheet protector and then into a binder. I’ll keep the binder as we study various rhymes, poetry, and tongue twisters this year and they can see it at the end 🙂 It will be a great keepsake.

We reviewed out +1, +2, and -1, -2 math  facts. I want to make sure we have these basics down before we move forward.

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