All things space related.

My son is big into space. We do something space related each week – simply because he likes it. His love of space has branched off into loves of robotics, physics, and math. He is slowly learning that to best understand all of the space stuff – he is going to need the others.

NASA has a great website with tons of resources for your space crazy child. They have lesson plans – which include goals and links to the worksheets – and they have lots of fun stuff.

The NASA page is here.

Their lessons that are focused on robotics can be found here.

Of course the “How Things Work” pages are always a great resource. Their space page can be found here.

For those children who need a bit more of “hands on” activities – there’s a great lesson on the history and role of computers.

And don’t forget, Stanford has a great course on robotics – for free- on iTunesU. You just download it and run it. However, it is a Stanford class so it really isn’t aimed at the K-10 grade levels. They can listen and understand some, but sometimes it gets a bit esoteric.

That’s a bunch of space, robots, and computers links. I hope you all enjoy them.



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