Why I sometimes make short posts.

Thanks to all my fabulous readers! I think there are about 30 of you on a regular basis and I really enjoy hearing from you.

The question of the week was asked: Why do you sometimes write really short posts that include a lot of links?

The answer: To keep the links somewhere I can easily access them by category.

I use the blog partially as a tool to help myself stay organized and on track, and partially to help others and provide resources. I don’t reinvent the wheel. I use other people’s stuff, just organized the way I like it.

Because of that, sometimes my blog posts are all links. Either links to lessons that I have completed, or links to pages I like – themed or not. It’s somewhat of an organization tool for me.

In my next life, when I have lots of spare time, I’m going to create category pages that have lists of all the posts on various topics linked by category and age. That way there’s even more organization. That is how my filing system is done at home, and so I’d like to do that online too.

That’s the answer to why my posts are sometimes short and filled with links.

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