Ocean lessons: Kelp

Today’s lesson is on kelp – also known as seaweed.

I started today’s lesson by reading my kids the following list:

Seaweed, kelp, and algae


What is algae?

  • Non-seed bearing plant
  • Found in many types of food products

What is seaweed?

  • Marine algae
  • Grows in ocean
  • Come in three main groups: brown, red and green.

What is kelp?

  • Kelp is any brown seaweed.
  • It grows in large batches called kelp forests.
  • Kelp forests are ecosystems.

I had printed the main words from each subsection on a separate index card. I put post-its on the wall labeled “kelp,” “seaweed,” and “algae.” I read the index card and Nicholas had to decide which post-it it belonged to. This was simply a way of double checking that he was listening to the previous conversation.

We viewed a bunch of kelp forests online. The Monterey Bay Aquarium has a great video feed of their kelp forrest. It’s located here: http://www.montereybayaquarium.org/efc/efc_kelp/kelp_cam.aspx.

The parts of kelp. We talked about these as we drew each part.

The parts of kelp. We talked about these as we drew each part.

Then we drew kelp. Drawing kelp is nice. It’s lines and curves. There’s nothing complicated about drawing kelp. I really liked that it was easy to do.

Lastly, we did an activity that compared kelp forests to a natural forest on earth. You can find the activity (it’s activity #2) here.

We added kelp to our ocean folder and we continuing to move onwards with more and more things we will find in the oceans and see at homeschool days in Monterey.

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