Mixed media art lessons.

Working on the painting portion of our mixed media art project.

Working on the painting portion of our mixed media art project.

I really am into mixed media art. I saw a mirror I liked at Ross the other day: It was a circle mirror surrounded by a mosaic. I also saw a fabulous painting that used sequined leaves instead of painted leaves. The more and more I look at mixed media, the more I really like it – personally and educationally.

Mixed media art is any art that combines mediums. Some artists use pencils and paint; others use ceramics and glass. Whatever you use, mixed media is awesome.


Some of the materials we used for mixed media art lessons.

Teaching kids to use mixed media art is a creativity-developing skill. Kids sometimes get stuck in the markers, crayons, and paint art categories. Teaching them to use mixed media helps them reach for the limits of their creativity. It allows them to broaden their minds and see what they can come up with.

My goal with mixed media is two-fold: To help me create unique art for my kids’ rooms and the bathrooms, and to teach my kids that more things can be used in art than you think. I’m not going to have them use bird poop, food, or some of the other stranger medias that sometimes get mixed. But we do use more than one media in our lesson.

Here’s what we used: paint, glue, sequins, tissue paper, and stickers. I think some crayon art got worked into the pictures as well. First, we painted and let them dry (thank you to my hairdryer which does double duty as an art dryer on cold days). Then we took out the glue and put stuff onto the paintings. It was a lot of fun. I really enjoyed doing art like this. It also allowed my kids to make patterns and designs in the paintings that they otherwise can’t do because they are not good enough with a paint brush. Over all, it was a great lesson.

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