Confessions of a Homeschooler.

I really like the blog Confessions of a Homeschooler. You can find it at:

Reasons why I like it:

1. It’s honest. She has a lot of children and she’s honest about what it takes for her to get through her week.

2. There’s resources aplenty. She has tons of resources. Many are for free – or sometimes they go on sale. Her letter of the week curriculum has a lot of great activities for the younger crowd. I tend to download each activity separately because I can – but she also sells them all on a disk.

3. There’s more than just lessons. Her blog is about more than just lessons. She talks about how she organizes things, how she manages, recipes that work for her……..building a classroom, activities as a family…..if you can think it, she blogs about it at least once. It’s a really neat blog.

4. She lists what they are doing. I’m not always a fan of her choices, but she makes them available to all – at least the list of what each child is doing. That way, you can always see what she has going on in the classroom.

I really like her blog. Sometimes things are hidden in it- finding the preschool printables can be a pain if you lose the link. But mainly I like it because she strikes a cord with me. She’s a mom farther into her homeschooling journey than I am, but she’s still working and finding things that she likes and doesn’t like.

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