Ocean lessons: more creatures of the sea.

Here's a picture of part of our ocean wall. The whole thing takes up a lot of space on our wall, but this shows how we are doing.

Here’s a picture of part of our ocean wall. The whole thing takes up a lot of space on our wall, but this shows how we are doing.

We are finishing up ocean lessons this week. I haven’t been very good about posting everything online (sorry). But here’s the general format we have taken:

1. Pick an animal

2. Find facts on the animal and a coloring page for the animal (generally from the Learning Page)

3. Read facts to kids while the kids color the animal

4. Kids cut out the animal and stick it on our ocean wall

5. We point to all the animals and say their names, what they eat, what a family of them is called, and their names in German

6. Then we go to the Kids National Geographic site and watch their videos of the animals and listen to what the animals sound like

This format has worked for us – very well. The kids know what is expected of them while we are doing our animal lessons. What is more, we can play the “Vo ist?” game with the animals because we know their names in German (I say, “Vo ist……” and they point to the right animal).

After we do our lesson on animals, we go do our math and other worksheets. I’ve started a box of file folders – Abby has one pattern and Nicholas has the other. Abby’s are numbered (1 = Monday, 2= Tuesday) and Nicholas’ have the days of the week on them. I put all the worksheets into them on Sunday night, and they do them every day after the animal lesson. We have math, reading, writing, and phonics worksheets. I also include a maze, logic problem, and dot-to-dot in each one. The kids get to decide the order we do them in. I set the timer for 10 minutes and we go. After 10 minutes we play for 10 minutes, then work again. We do this cycle until the worksheets are done. The system has been working out well for us.

Here’s the list of animals we have done:

Starfish, penguin, sea lion, coral, kelp, whale, orca, dolphin, fish, octopus, walrus, shark, sea turtle (which has the longest name in German ever), jellyfish, eel, and sting ray.

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