Anatomy lesson #1.

MP900438746Today starts our anatomy lessons. I do call it anatomy. I have no problems calling it anatomy.

I wrote “anatomy” in big letters on a piece of butcher paper and stuck it on our wall. As we learn about the different parts of the body, we will put up different images on the butcher paper. Since this is our first lesson, it’s just a blank sheet of paper at the moment.

To review the basics, I downloaded this worksheet and had my children fill it out. For Abby, I printed the names of the different body parts on stickers (the kind you get for return addresses at Staples). Then I peel them off, give them to her and tell her what they say. She’s responsible for putting them in the right spot. Nicholas has to read his own words and put them in the right spot. I’m not above helping if he needs it, but he has shown me he can read when he wants to – so now he has to learn to read on demand.


Here’s a great website to help plan your lessons on bones:

This is the skeleton we used for our "Name that Bone" game.

This is the skeleton we used for our “Name that Bone” game.

Then we moved onto the skeletal system. First we covered what our bones do. Our bones do many things:

1. They give our body structure.

2. They help us move.

3. They protect organs.

I printed these three things out on a sheet of paper and the kids got to cut them out and paste them onto a picture of a bone. While they were cutting and pasting, we talked about what bones are made of (calcium and bone marrow were as deep into the topic as we got) and how you can get strong bones (fruits, vegetables, milk).

Then we got to play “Name that Bone.” I printed out an image of a skeleton and cut apart the bones and laminated them. Then the kids go to pick them up and name them – I helped the first two rounds, but then Nicholas had them down. After we named them, he had to tape them in order onto our Anatomy poster. This took a bit longer, but he eventually got it.

In addition to the labeled bones, I added the phalanges, carpals, and metacarpals.

What else did we do for our lesson? We continued our math book and practiced some more subtraction and addition. He’s not paying attention to the operational signs in math, and just assumes he can do what he wants with the numbers, so I’m making worksheets that mix up the operations. When he gets 100% on the worksheet he gets a penny. I leave him alone to do it and make his own mistakes. Sometimes he does 3 or 4 math worksheets in a day trying to get his penny. I’m wondering when he’ll learn it is simply easier to pay attention the first time around.

We did our reading an phonics books too. I have the Spectrum books for reading and phonics for 1st grade and we work our way through, one page at a time. Reading time was spent reading the new Transformers book Nicholas got on sale at Barnes and Noble and the Sophia the Princess book.

We also did our word wall with -et, -at, -ob, -ot, -it, -id, and -ee words. Abby like this because she gets the extra words and a magnet board and gets to play too.

Lastly, we finished our German sticker book today. Once we finished it, we went through and had to read each page of German words.

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