Anatomy #2: Skeletal system.

Our second lesson is on the skeletal system. We worked on some things about bones in Lesson 1, but now we are going into depth about the skeletal system.

First we played “Assemble a skeleton” game. This was mostly a review of things that we already knew about bones. Some bones we hadn’t learned yet, but a few good guesses got the bones in the right spot.

Then we did this word search: It has more than just bones in the search, but when we found words that weren’t bones, we located the nearest bone on our skeleton and named that bone too.

We have already learned the purpose of the skeletal system, and now it is time to learn a few more bones. First we did the hands and feet.  Then we did the skull. And lastly we covered what a bone is made of.

This worksheet  was printed and hung above the desks. I had Nicholas help me read the worksheet out loud, and then we hung it back above the desks. Next. we drew bones and what they contained. Nicholas insisted on coloring cells in his bones, it wasn’t good enough to just draw the bones, he had to draw the cells too. Then I wrote the words for the different parts of the bone on the side of his drawing (compact bone, spongy bone, and bone marrow). His job was to draw a line from the word to the correct part of the bone. Abby just continued coloring her bone.

Lastly we got to make bones. I have some bone candy forms from Halloween. We filled them with a layer of chocolate (for the compact bone), red chocolate (for the spongy bone), and sunflower butter for the bone marrow – then covered it with chocolate. We put them in the refrigerator to cool down and harden. Then we ate our bones.

What else did we do?

Math, spelling practice, letter recognition (we did B again for Abby, since B is for bone), reading time (Cat in the Hat was the chosen book), and art. We also went into the garden and pulled up weeds and learned why mommy doesn’t like weeds and wants to replace her garden with a rock garden (far less maintenance).

Lastly, we did some exercise to help make our bones and muscles work well and be strong.

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