Anatomy #3: The brain.

Our brains are important.

The first thing we did was make a list of all the things our brain helps us do. I simply wrote “Brain” on a piece of paper and then asked the kids what our brain helps us do. They gave me all kinds of answers. Here are a sampling:

  • Thinking
  • Moving
  • Jumping
  • Remembering
  • Breathing
  • Knowing
  • Telling mommy things
  • Liking things
  • Playing games
  • Drawing

Then I handed them this worksheet about the brain. I had printed it out twice – once in black and white with the information and once in black and white without the information. They had to color each part of the brain while I read what that part of the brain is named and what it does. Then, after we had colored each part and heard it once, I gave them the stickers one at a time. Each sticker had a part of the brain named on it. I read the names and they placed it on the right part (or not) of the brain.

Why did I do these two activities right after each other? So the knowledge would be fresh. I’m not big on making my 4 and 2 year old remember much for exams. But we do some “testing” activities right after a lesson to make sure they were paying attention. And they did okay. I had to help with a few places, like the cerebellum, but other than that they were okay.

Then we spent some time on the computer at this website:

The website had a fun bit of clicking around to learn about the brain. We also watched It is a bit of a mor serious video. But I have found that my kids don’t mind the serious stuff if they can do it in short doses. Also, with the more scholarly things they are learning the correct words and terminology.

Nicholas chose “If I Ran the Zoo” for his reading time book today. Sometimes I feel like I’m running a zoo.

Math has gone a lot smoother since we got desks for the kids. Both will sit down and do their math. I think we are going to get into the “reading eggs” program on the web. I’ve seen it and it looks like it might be fun for the kids to do.


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