Anatomy #5: Circulatory system.

I promised the kids we would learn how blood fits into our bodies, and the circulatory system does that.

This webpage was very helpful for my lesson. I found videos and pictures here.

I took this picture  and printed it out, then made bigger drawings of the various veins/arteries by hand. I drew the veins and arteries on white paper, and was going to make the kids color them in with blue and red – although we ended up painting them with the dot art paints. Then we watched a video on the circulatory system.

This picture was my heart picture. I printed it out (3 times) and did various things to it. First, I cut it out and let Nicholas glue it to the skeleton where the hear goes. Then we, using the circulatory system picture as a guide, laid down the veins and arteries around the body. Really I just wanted them to know that where there is blue blood, there needs to be red blood too. After all, blood comes and goes in our whole body.

Secondly, I cut the heart into 8 pieces and had the kids put it together in a puzzle. That was fun. We named things as we went through putting the puzzle together. Lastly, I had a picture of the heart with the words on it for Nicholas to draw lines from the correct words to the right portion of the heart. I used the nice “erase” feature in our drawing program to remove the lines that connect the words to the correct locations so he had to draw them himself.

Lastly, we put together this maze. It was fun to do. Once we had watched videos and discussed how the heart helps and what blood does as it travels, I figured this would be a good review. I had to help with some of the harder words, but otherwise Nicholas did it on his own.

Abby got to paint in her letter C today, and Nicholas practiced writing “vein,” “artery,” and “heart.” We had a nifty snack of spaghetti and pretended we were eating blood and blood vessels. I know it is gross sounding, but the kids loved it.

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